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Tips for commercial vehicle maintenance during summer

The hot and dusty days of summer combined with summer’s inevitable stop & go traffic could put an additional maintenance burden on fleet vehicles. 

According to the report of Software Advice Fleet Maintenance, the reported cause of summer downtime accidents among the fleet of vehicles are all maintenance related, engine overheating at 20%, and followed by air conditioning failure at 19%.   

Therefore, it's important for the fleet managers or fleet operators to ensure the commercial vehicles remain in top condition. Moreover, you can simplify your fleet maintenance program through the use of fleet management solution. It allows you to practice proactive maintenance that helps stay on engine diagnostic alert, vehicle repair, and keep a vehicle maintenance history on every commercial vehicle.  

As the summer comes, commercial vehicles will be under heavy strain. Yet the typical rigors of the job with extreme summer heat, the smooth operation will become more difficult. This is because of the busy season for commercial truck drivers that makes breakdowns during this time even more costly. Regular maintenance of commercial vehicles during the summer month plays an important role in avoiding mishaps on the road. Keep your safety in mind & protect your commercial vehicles from seasonal weather disruptions by following the tips for summer vehicle maintenance.  


Heat causes air to expand & overinflated tires could lead to increase blowouts. It can be dangerous for commercial truck drivers to underinflate tires that causes increasing friction heat & the risk of blowouts. Tire underinflation is a bigger problem than overinflation. So, make sure to check & adjust the tire pressure to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendations. This helps your commercial trucks or vans remain safe during the summer season. Hence, ensure to inspect your vehicle tires every day before you hit the road.  


Extreme temperature reduces the vehicles’ effectiveness and efficiency, directly affected brakes. Mostly, the Commercial trucks are equipped with air brake systems, which have to be examined periodically. Minor air leakage from this brake system will lead to a brake failure. Also, pay special attention if any squeaking sounds come from your vehicle. Make sure to check your air reservoirs, as the condensed water can collect the airlines and result in inefficiency of the air brake system.  

Therefore, it’s good to start your summer off with a brake inspection and services that are required for your commercial vehicles.  

Examine the Air Conditioner  

It can be arduous to endure a long journey without cool air during the summer season. So, it's better to make sure that the air conditioner is working fine before you begin your journey. The levels of antifreeze in your commercial truck should be above the normal in your vehicle. In addition, check out the blowers, fans, & condensers for an effective cooling system that works perfectly in your commercial truck.  

Inspect Refrigerated Compartments  

Extreme summer heat places stress on refrigerated trucks & vans with respect to repairs & spoiled cargo. So, make sure to test the refrigerated compartments of your vehicle early in the summer.  

Change Oil & Its Filter  

Changing the oil & its filter are the preventive measures that are helpful and performed on your commercial vehicles. Oil is the primary element for the smooth functioning of your vehicle engine parts. Regrettably, a long expedition in extremely hot weather conditions could overheat the vehicle engine. Therefore, it's crucial to make sure that the engine has sufficient oil to manage adverse situations. 

We hope these tips are helpful to prepare your fleet during summer. A little ignorance could cause troubles in the future and to avoid that, it's better to prepare your fleet prior to the actual onset of summer.  

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