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All you need to know about Fleet Telematics

What is the first thing that strikes your mind when you hear about “Fleet”? It may be the image of a large group of ships, right? A fleet is a group of vehicles that ranges from commercial trucks to cars or ships to aircraft.

When a large group of fleet vehicles is owned by a business, there has a system to manage their vehicles; So that the thing will not get out of hand. Now, with disruptive technology, telematics is changing fleet management systems.

Before the development of telematics technology in fleet management, it was a complicated task for every manager to know information about the vehicle and driver’s activities.

Now you may think, why should I install a telematics device?

Fleet management wasnot an effective process anymore before the advancement of telematics. In those days, the Drivers will depend on either an outside map or a physical map for directions.

Have you ever wondered where your commercial truck is or what drivers are doing?

Likewise, do you think hiring someone accompanying the drivers to report the journey details is feasible? Not at all, even if it was a trusted source, it could lead you to increase the cost of management.

Managers often used to worry – whether the commercial truck reached the destination on time or how much money is spent on fleet vehicle issues.

For all such problems, the one-stop solution is the introduction of fleet telematics technology. This changes everything and it becomes the basis of modern-day fleet management. Easy Vehicle Tracking from your fingertips.

The term “telematics” is the integration of Telecommunications & Informatics. The communication system and GPS help the fleet telematics to offer multiple information & services.

In today’s world of information & technology, it is better to invest in Telematics. Vehicle telematics has several benefits that help to boost – Fleet vehicle safety, improve customer service, quality system, save money and time, for Fleet management rental companies. It integrates communication, navigation, & security into an appropriate piece of technology that fixes on the dashboard.

Several fleet management companies in Saudi Arabia and other countries use telematics for data collection purposes. The data can be collected using GPS technology, sensors, and other diagnostic codes. The managed data includes Vehicle location, Vehicle activity, Driver behavior, & Real-time engine diagnostics. This fleet telematics technology helps fleet managers to handle their assets remotely.

Logistic companies like Fraikin place telematics devices to fetch and transfer the information with deeper insights and that includes-

  • Monitoring Fleet Vehicle Location
  • Proactive Minimizing operating expenses
  • Fleet Maintenance Information
  • Vehicle hourly usage
  • Fleet vehicle problems
  • Fuel consumption
  • Minimizing operating expenses
  • Enhancing fleet safety

How does the Fleet telematics solution help businesses?

Telematics helps to simplify everyeveryday workflow of Fleet drivers. Setting up a telematics device into a vehicle is more accessible and helpful.

The dashboard solution helps to send real-time messages to the driver through an application. Driver’s safety is the utmost priority, so the message doesn’t appear until the driver stops the vehicle.

The Fleet telematics solutions help your business with a manageable vehicle gateway installation guide. This technology especially keeps away the Fleet vehicle from possible issues and gives more productivity.

Fleet Management for Commercial Trucks

Commercial Truck fleet management is different from other types of fleet vehicles. Based on the vehicle fleet, the cost and utility get to fluctuate.

With the development of telematics, commercial truck fleet managers started preferring this work to be simpler & more efficient. Fleet management for commercial trucks is an arduous process due to the following reasons such as-

  • Large space requirement for the storage of trucks & goods
  • Requirement of skilled drivers
  • More usage of resources including – Time, Money, and Fuel
  • Longer distances to cover for delivery & More security for Cargo

The diverse set of tools and technologies can help to reduce the truck fleet's total emission, operating cost, fuel cost, vehicle compliance, safety, accountability, and service response on time.

How does Telematics help to manage the Fleet drivers?

Managing a fleet of vehicles with so many changes seem to be a complex task. The fleet drivers should hold a significant amount of accountability for the safety & optimal fleet operation.

So, you may have a question, how to manage the drivers to ensure fleet safety & efficiency?

Developing a safety culture supported across all the levels of the organization with the right system & processes are the keys to ensuring fleet and drivers are safe, productive, and compliant.

Using telematics can help to achieve the entire fleet operation smoothly. It provides you the advanced data & insights which help you to monitor & enhance vehicle safety, driver’s behavior, and overall good maintenance practices.

Fraikin uses telematics technology that allows capturing the fleet driver behavior and other essential information. Also, it provides real-time feedback and solutions to the driver if any technical issues persist. Real-time feedback & alerts are always helpful to enable the fleet drivers to develop & maintain good driving habits.

Telematics helps to stay in touch with the drivers through messages. Moreover, this technology allows the managers to broadcast messages to the specific vehicle or entire fleet vehicles to improve productivity and job management. In addition, this technology permits a company to track the driving speed and notify the road speed limits.

Wrapping Up:

One Solution with Several Benefits!

The high-level telematics innovation goes beyond tracking fleet drivers and gathers accurate data to give a profound comprehension of your Fleet business.

Also, this technology helps your business to manage the challenges in fleet management.

Telematics is an All-in-one platform – First and foremost, it creates a safety culture and ensures your fleet is operating efficiently and productively.


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