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Fraikin is a leading commercial vehicle leasing and truck rental company, offering exceptional fleet management services. The Fraikin Brand has the experience of serving fleets more than 60,000 vehicles and provide fleet solutions that include management, administration, maintenance, leasing, and fuel management.

The Fraikin brand has around 70 years of experience in managing fleets of commercial vehicles on behalf of customers. As a fleet management expert, we exist to run our customers’ fleet more effectively & efficiently with the help of our fleet management system, powered by a superior telematics system, a “smart truck” concept and a use of data analytics to provide you invaluable information on the operations of the trucks used by you.


Our clients will vouch for our unique product offering which includes delivering real time data about their fleets and measurable cost savings, through our fleet management solutions. Most of the clients have been able to operate their fleet in a much more efficient manner after using our monthly data analytics reports and our fleet management expertise.

Our GPS fleet, asset tracking software, dashcam video, and other integrated fleet solutions help the clients to save considerable cost and resources.

Our fleet management team holds great experience in all aspects of handling the fleets. They are well-positioned to identify the latest trends in fleet management systems and act upon them. We are the only truck rental company with expertise of “cold chain monitoring” which makes us the preferred solution provider for the Food & Beverage Industry.


We ensure to provide a best fleet performance and strive to ensure top-notch fleet management services are provided reliably on time.

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Truck Rental & Leasing

We Care for You

Our specialist manages all your fleets. We specialize in simplifying complexes, so you have the opportunity to concentrate on the core of your business management.

Fleet Management

We Work for You

We work to save your money and find a reliable fleet solution by delivering optimal performance, reducing costs, & measuring your fleet efficiency. We make the best decisions for your business and fleets.


Fraikin’s truck fleet management system and solutions optimize the entire fleet operations by offering you convenience, fleet visibility, and actionable insight.
Our fleet management system can manage & monitor any variable that you need, such as driver behavior, vehicle load, and temperature monitoring. Moreover,
the integrated vehicle engine control module (ECM) records all data such as sudden braking, fuel usage, etc. which helps to measure and manage the fleet in a better way.
In addition, we have the power of telematics fleet tracking system which helps to measure efficiency & performance of all the trucks and fleets.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS tracking

We monitor and manage your fleet performance with a GPS tracking system. Moreover, our 360-degree view of fleets’ daily operations helps you to reduce the cost & increase productivity.

Fleet Health

Fleet Condition

We track your truck mileage and health reports through a fleet management system. So, you can have less tension about your fleet’s well-being & focus more on expanding your business.

Smarter Decision

Smarter Decisions

Monitor fleet operation and assess fleet management data to enable wise business decisions & faster response times for smooth performance.

Managing Fuel Cost

Manage Fleet Fuel Costs

Our commercial GPS fleet software helps you reduce a good amount of fuel expenses. We also track your driver's behavior & vehicle idling time and save big on fuel costs with a fleet management system.

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