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The Key to Leasing Refrigerated Trailers

Are you considering leasing a refrigerated trailer for your business?

Leasing a reefer or refrigerated trailer from a trucking company can save your time and money when compared to upfront & upkeep costs of owning reefer trailers. In this blog, you will find the key reasons to lease refrigerated trailers.

Refrigerated Trailer Maintenance

All vehicles require proper maintenance, but stakes are higher for refrigerated trailers. No business can afford to lose large quantities of perishable goods to refrigeration failure. With certified service technicians and complete service maintenance, Fraikindayim provides responsive and proactive maintenance service to keep perishable cold deliveries on schedule.

Now, let’s get into the blog to find reasons why maintenance is crucial to leasing refrigerated trailers:

For Convenience

Fraikindayim has technicians & vetted staff who can complete inspections before leasing vehicles or on-site, including vehicle engine inspections for refrigerated units. Our technicians can quickly respond to emergency repairs. Fraikindayim works with a proper schedule to keep refrigerated trailers on the road without any repairs.

Moreover, it’s also great to find the right size of the refrigerated trailer with Fraikindayim. We have different types of refrigerated trailers that run as efficiently as possible. You can choose from multiple styles and lengths of trailers with convenient features like ramps, air chutes, liftgates, swing doors, and more.

For peace of mind

If trailer maintenance is the key to leasing a refrigerated trailer, then communication is the engine.

Fraikindayim provides refrigerated trailers with telematics technology. Our trailers are well-equipped with the best tracking technology, like Tracking on our ThermoKing unit. Temperature management, GPS features, real-time alerts, and recordkeeping give fleet managers even more peace of mind that perishable goods are being delivered on time & at the right temperature.

When you find a great refrigerated trailer leasing partner like Fraikindayim, your focus turns solely to your business. They can make your lives easier & our business better.

How can I lease a Refrigerated Trailer?

Many reputable companies offer refrigerated trailer leasing near you. A reliable one is the Fraikindayim truck trailer leasing and rental company in Saudi Arabia. If you decide to lease a refrigerated trailer, look for a truck leasing company who specializes in refrigeration and knows how to handle the equipment well.

How do you choose the right referrer trailer?

Leasing refrigerated trailers can be a great solution for businesses transporting temperature-sensitive goods. However, with so many options available in the market, choosing the right refrigerated trailer can be a daunting task. The key to a successful and efficient leasing experience is selecting the perfect trailer that meets the specific transportation needs of your business. 

1. Age of the refrigerated trailer

First, you have to consider the age of the trailer, unit, mileage, and overall condition will all impact the cost of the lease. If you are looking for a newer trailer with low mileage, you will likely pay more than if you opt for an older model. It is essential to inspect the trailer thoroughly before signing the lease agreement to ensure that it meets your needs and is worth the cost.

2. Size of refrigerated trailer 

You need to know what size of refrigerated trailer will best fit your business needs. If you frequently transport large quantities of goods, it may be ideal to lease a larger trailer to accommodate your needs. However, if you only transport goods in small quantities, it is best to go for a refrigerated truck or van that will save you money on leasing costs.

The larger the trailer, the more expensive it will be to lease a refrigerated trailer. It is, therefore, essential to determine the appropriate size based on your needs and ensure you only pay for what you need.

3. Insulation system and cooling system

Another key factor to consider when leasing a refrigerated trailer is the insulation and cooling system.

Choosing the right insulation system is essential to maintaining the temperature of your goods during transport. Good insulation ensures that the trailer maintains the desired temperature regardless of weather conditions.

Different goods have different temperature needs, and it's imperative to select a refrigerated trailer with the appropriate cooling system that can maintain the required temperature throughout the transportation process.

In conclusion, choosing the right refrigerated trailer is crucial to ensuring the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. By considering factors such as trailers’ age, mileage, size, insulation system, and cooling system, you can select the perfect trailer that meets their specific needs, budget, and transportation needs.





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