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3 Reefer Trailer Maintenance Tips

Do you run a transportation fleet company that handles temperature-sensitive or perishable goods? Are you a fleet manager for a commercial fleet company? Either way, you know that temperature-sensitive goods should be delivered & distributed in an efficient manner.   

A simple refrigerated trailer maintenance can protect your goods and your business from a grinding halt, and downtime equates to a loss of money. So, considering the potential loss of valuable customer goods and revenue, spending thousands of dollars to maintain the refrigeration units is an incredibly wise & recommended investment, too.   

Let’s check out some helpful tips to avoid refrigerated trailer equipment failure and keep the vehicle in optimal condition.  

Keep the Refrigerated Trailer Interior Clean  

A reefer transportation fleet company moves many different types of perishable goods. So, in order to prevent cross-contamination of goods, it’s important to keep the interior clean. This means the refrigerated trailer should be cleaned after every delivery.   

While transporting products or goods, residue from a load could spread substances across the floor that will contaminate subsequent loads. So, you should make sure to clean the trailer by sweeping, and removing pallet word, & leftover products. Cleaning is also important to minimize rust and corrosion and prevent it from occurring earlier in the reefer trailer’s life cycle. Therefore, make sure to clean and sanitize the refrigerated trailer and have a safe hauling.  

Keep the Fuel Tank Full  

This might sound excruciating for penny pinchers who would rather save on the extra fuel. It’s important to keep an eye on the fuel levels in the refrigerated trailer tank. When you have low fuel on your trailer, the cooling unit will suck up the backup and cause major mechanical problems. Therefore, ensure that your fuel tank is always topped and good for your reefer trailer.  

Tire Inspection   

Tire inspections are something you should check on every pre-trip checkup. For a safe trip, it’s vital to have tires that are in good condition. Doing a meticulous inspection of tires will determine if there is any damage that needs to be replaced.   

Over or under-inflated tires could lead to several problems, including poor gas mileage and irregular wear of tire treads. Underinflation of the reefer trailer’s tires will result in frequent tire changes, both costly and time-consuming.  

Before you get on the road, make sure to check the air pressure in each tire. Because poor alignment could cause 80% of unnatural tire wear issues.  

Reefer Trailer Preventive Maintenance Service  

Routine maintenance is the most important actions to keep your trailer functioning well. Frequent inspection on reefer trailers is a proven way to keep the vehicle running longer on the road without any unexpected repairs.   

Here you have some of the most important factors for Refrigerated trailer preventative maintenance to keep in mind.   

  • Check the sealing interior punctures and cuts to prevent moisture intrusion in the insulation.   
  • Inspect the bulkhead and air chute. 
  • Examine the condenser and evaporator coils.  
  • Test that the compressor on your refrigerated trailer works properly.  
  • Clean the fuel screen.   
  • Examine the air cleaner housing, tubing, and water pump.  
  • Inspect the evaporator coil for restrictions and cleaned it as necessary.  
  • Check the unit & engine mounting bolts for proper torque.  
  • Check switches & electrical connections.  
  • Examine the belts for inadequate cracks & glazing between the ribs.  

It's important to make sure that all repairs & maintenance work should be done in time, as delays could cause a significant loss in efficiency, which leads to equipment damage.  

At Fraikindayim commercial vehicle rentals, we actively maintain a fleet maintenance program. A professional team who has years of experience in the transportation industry performs a fast & reliable inspection to have the reefer trailer running at its best. Our routine trailer inspections include any needed repairs & identify potential future maintenance for safe transportation.  

Before leasing or renting out refrigerated trailers, we make sure to perform an in-depth inspection. We invest a lot of effort in maintaining and taking care of our refrigerated vehicles so that you get to drive a well-insulated vehicle.  

So, if you’re ready for a refrigerated trailer rental in Saudi Arabia, contact Fraikindayim Commercial Truck Rental and Leasing Company without any hesitation. 




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    It's so good to know that remains from a shipment may distribute contaminants across the floor while being transported, contaminating following loads. s O can see how as a result, be sure to sweep the trailer and get rid of any remaining goods and pallets. I bet my uncle wishes he knew about this sooner because I heard he needs a reefer repair expert after he spoiled most of the perishables in there.

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