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How could telematics benefit your business fleet?

A decade ago, the word “telematics” didn’t exit. Due to the surge of internet and communication over networks, telematics has become a fundamental aspect of successful fleet operations. 


Telematics offers a viable solution to manage a fleet in a better way. Through the adoption and integration of modern technologies, telematics offers a wide range of solutions that promises to boost productivity by controlling the cost and improving accountability. 


Now let’s check out how telematics could benefit your business fleet. Keep reading! 


Increased safety 


For every fleet company, safety will be the first and foremost priority. Wherein, a better safety is achieved through a constant monitoring & feedback. So here the telematics can help you to reduce the potential risk and run a successful fleet business. 


Telematics allows your fleet managers to track the all the fleet vehicles as well as monitor the driver’s behavior to ensure that they are safe. Significantly, the real time aural alerts your driver and notify your fleet managers when they are in the event of rash driving or distracted driving, telematics helps to avoid any unforeseen risk.


NO matter how experienced and skilled a driver is, sometimes they might not adopt optimal driving behavior like due to erratic accelerating, braking, and other driving habits could lead to an increase in fuel consumption. In such cases, monitoring your fleet movements and route optimization with telematics solution, you can lower your fuel consumption. 


Better fuel management  


If you are running a fleet vehicle company, obviously you know that fuel purchase is one of the biggest ongoing costs associated with fleet management. Drivers with aggressive driving style will spend more fuel, but the experienced fleet drivers can use less fuel than a conventional driver. Also, with better route planning and monitoring your fleet driver’s driving styles, a significant reduction in fuel costs can be easily achieved through telematics.  


It is one of the tangible benefits that fleet businesses look for when installing a telematics is that the reduction in fleet operation costs. 


Lesser Maintenance 


With telematics system you can monitor your fleet vehicle’s actual status, driver approach, and potential failure risk. Following this, the maintenance cost can be lowered with a preventive maintenance routine. 

In addition, keep on monitoring the vehicles allows the fleet managers to track the vehicle’s information in real-time. So that they can proactively organize the fleet service and prevent issues that may result in further spending. 


Improved customer satisfaction 


There are several ways that telematics systems can improve your customer service. By ensuring better routes with telematics, you can easily minimize your delivery times and improve your customer satisfaction. Moreover, telematics helps you to track the vehicle where on a delivery route. Hence, this helps to boost your fleet productivity. 


Increased Productivity 


Through telematics you can ensure a safer work environment, reduced maintenance costs, better monitoring and management of your entire fleet, your productivity can be improved. Moreover, when you record the information of driver behavior and details of route taken, your company can improve productivity & reduce the fleet operating costs. 




The growth of telematics is well-established. As more companies started implementing the telematics system for better managing their fleet, it is poised for exponential growth. Additionally, new applications are constantly developed in order to take advantage of the latest technologies. 


With assured benefits like safety, cost reduction, productivity increase, and improved accountability, telematics systems have become an integral and indispensable element of all modern fleet operations. 

Even Fraikin has implemented a telematics solution and has improved the efficiency, profitability, & safety of the entire fleet. 


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