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Refrigerated van rentals: Are they worth investments for healthcare providers

Healthcare services generally rely on a steady supply of pharmaceutical goods to care for patients. However, transporting such goods could be a complex process. Temperature plays a prominent role in the viability of several pharmaceuticals, such as insulin, vaccines, medications, and this makes the refrigerated van an essential form of transport. 

However, reliable and accurate refrigerated vans need multiple temperature compartments, high specification equipment, and comprehensive maintenance services. Could refrigerated van rental be the solution to cold supply chain transport problems? YES 

Generally, healthcare companies need to transport pharmaceuticals among the retail pharmacies, wholesalers, and other distribution depots. This cargo van can be time & temperature sensitive and very expensive to a complex regulatory environment. The cost and complexity of the cold supply chain transport puts pressure on this supply chain process. 

Well, in order to manage the costs & meet challenging industry targets, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare authorities are outsourcing transportation to these cold chain transport firms. Fraikindayim has a wide range of refrigerated vans for lease and rental that suit your needs. 

When it comes to medicines & medical equipment to the organizations, refrigerated vans are an essential one for the transportation in healthcare sector. The global refrigerated van market is one of the fastest growing markets across the world. The Refrigerated vehicle market is growing high during the forecast period of 2022-2028. The future growth prospects of business opportunities in the refrigerated van market will be promising

Post Covid Refrigerated Van Market Scenario

Similar to other markets, covid-19 global lockdown has affected the refrigerated van market. However, the market gets off the slump quickly by adapting to the best practices and following safety measures, hygiene standards, & the government set regulations.  

Refrigerated vans are equipped with cooler bodies that help to transport goods over long distances. It is highly useful to transport pharmaceutical products. Hiring a refrigerated van helps to expand your business & generate more revenue.  

It is essential that medicines and vaccines are kept in the right condition, because they will be very fragile. In order to avoid some issues, you need to choose the perfect refrigerated van that meets all specific standards.  

Whether you are a startup or existing business, looking to transport supply chain pharmaceutical goods, you need to rent a refrigerated van. It helps to maintain the quality of your products & certainly important when considering healthcare related goods.  

Keeping your pharmaceutical supply chain goods at the appropriate temperature protects your company’s reputation. Moreover, hiring a refrigerated van is something crucial. There are some issues such as vehicle size, load capacity to take into account, and temperature control. Considering all these things, you need to choose a refrigerated van that suits your business needs.  

When it comes to supply chain pharmaceutical industry, many drugs are temperature sensitive & refrigerated van is important for this type of business. Hiring a suitable refrigerated van with the right temperature control is vital.  

In addition, there are several options before hiring a refrigerated van that include, 

  • Make sure the refrigeration unit has installed properly.  
  • Check what insulation used in refrigerated vans to prevent loss of cold.  
  • Ensure whether the fridge van conversion meets the requirements of your healthcare industry.  

Renting or hiring a refrigerated vehicle from a reputed company, the specialist facilitates the temperature with ongoing maintenance that protects against potential product losses that have a detrimental impact on your profit and business reputation.  

Importance of Refrigerated Vehicles 

When the pharmaceutical goods like medicines or vaccines are stored at the wrong temperature, it becomes ineffective. With the demand for highly sensitive medicines, the need for refrigerated van is important. You need to adapt to the temperature-controlled vehicle that meets your pharmaceutical industry providing the units capable of maintaining the products at the correct temperature. Here you have some guidelines to maintain the temperature in a refrigerated van. 

Guidelines for Refrigerated Van – Transportation of Pharmaceutical Products  

  • Vaccines should be stored between the range of +2°C and +8°C in an appropriate temperature to safeguard their efficiency.  
  • Fridges should be used only to store medicines and vaccines. Whereas food and other products must be stored separately.  
  • Vaccine fridges should be large enough to store stack with sufficient space that allows air to circulate around the vaccine package.  

Looking for Refrigerated Vans to transport pharmaceuticals, Call Fraikindayim Today

If you need a refrigerated van for a short-term or long-term, hiring will be a viable option than purchase. Fraikindayim offers a wide range of freezer and refrigerated vans depending on your business needs. We can accommodate specific requests such as dual compartments, minimum or maximum temperatures and get you covered. Get in touch with Fraikindayim today to get your refrigerated van rental for business! 



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