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Monitoring Temperature in Fleet Management System

Maintaining and monitoring the temperature of your Cargo is important. 

You might know that temperature monitoring in the fleet management system has become an integral part of transportation & delivering refrigerated goods.

Nowadays, all the fleet vehicle owners and fleet managers virtually need assistance in order to track their vehicle’s temperature while carrying the frozen as perishable foods being transported to long distances. 

In this case, constant temperature monitoring & maintenance is essential to ensure proper delivery with the exact condition. 

Now, you might think, what is the solution to monitor the temperature of refrigerated trucks or reefer vans? 

Temperature cannot be monitored or tracked with any devices. So, to track and maintain the perishable products in fresh condition, an intellectual fleet software tracking system is required. On the other hand, customer satisfaction is ultimately important for every fleet manager to receive their product in what way they expected. 

We all know transporting perishable goods can be a challenging task for every fleet manager. Transporting a product within a specific period is equal challenging to the quality of the product remaining superior. 

When you are delivering the products or goods that need to be maintained at an ideal temperature throughout the trip. So, it is significant to keep an eye on the temperature of the refrigerator container during the trip. 

With the best fleet GPS tracking and Telematics tracking systems, Temperature monitoring is possible using automated alerts and notifications from the system. It allows the Fleet managers to track the door closure & movement, reefer status, excess vibration, and much more. As a result, this ensures the fleet vehicle being transported maintains a proper temperature level over the trip. 

What is temperature monitoring in fleet management system? 

Temperature monitoring as the name suggests monitors the temperature in the storage container of the fleet & lets you know about the changes on time.

Keeping an optimal and consistent temperature in a refrigerated truck is the key to delivering fresh food products and goods across the world. 

Assuming your container’s temperature falls below or above the range, the food or beverage product damage and causes your refrigerated truck company costly losses.

GPS technology temperature monitoring system delivers you real-time temperature data and builds customer trust. This ensures your refrigerated trucks are always fresh and reduces your rejected deliveries and makes your customers happy. It helps your fleet vehicles to meet a demanding delivery requirement.

Requirements for Temperature Monitoring in Fleet Management System 

There are some special requirements for every transit operation and the following rules are-  

  • Measures in the form of segregation and hand sanitization to keep the food product enclosed in a container from being contaminated during the transport.  
  • Measures in the form of protective packing to preserve the food product from raw food & nonfood contamination during the transport.  
  • Measures to ensure foods requiring temperature control for safety (TCS) are given adequate temperature control during transportation. 

How does Fleet temperature monitoring work?

The GPS tracking system enables you to determine the temperature settings, and you will get real-time data reports accurately to your desktop or mobile, updating about the temperature. Moreover, it provides you with fleet management guidance to know where your deliveries are at all points. 

Benefits of temperature monitoring in a fleet management vehicle tracking system 

Now, let’s check out the benefits of using refrigerated trucks or vans monitoring system for your business. 

  • The sensor helps for Real-time temperature monitoring and location tracking of vehicles.  
  • Send you an instant notification when the reefer temperature goes beyond the threshold values or when the freight deviates from the preset route.  
  • It gives you an alert when container doors are open or if the refrigerated truck or van stops in unscheduled stops. 

Real-time temperature monitoring 

A constant examination is a must to ensure the quality of the products is maintained throughout the trip. Real-time monitoring can allow easy verification that the levels are maintained. It is important to remember that a minute change can damage goods. Henceforth, the software is capable of identifying even a small temperature change. That helps to fix the problem and the driver can be alerted to be put into force immediately.  

Send notifications when the temperature changes  

Using the modern fleet tracking software, you can get an immediate alert to the fleet manager as well as a driver. The GPS tracking software enables the companies to reach out to the drivers using an inbuilt communication system.

Door Opening Alerts

With the help of sensors, you can easily monitor if the door is closed or open. When transporting perishable products, repeated door opening could damage the quality.


Fraikin’s fleet management system and solutions help to preserve the health of your fleet and comply with food safety management, providing the best fleet service management to your customers. We help your business to run smoothly and save you thousands of dollars by eliminating spoiled merchandise.  

Good real-time temperature data or information gives peace of mind with a trackable history of your item's condition.

With a tracking sensor, you can be assured that the products will be delivered safely to the destination at the correct temperature level.

Let me know your thoughts about the best technology to monitor the temperature in Fleet vehicles of refrigerated trucks or cargos. 



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