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Common Types of Commercial Trucks

Commercial vehicles come in a variety of forms and are deployed in a variety of commercial applications. These are efficient & have their operations in different sectors. Many industries are transporting their goods through renting a commercial truck from a fleet company. From delivering packages to hauling concrete, materials commercial trucks are the backbone of the transportation industry. 

Are you thinking of venturing into the commercial trucking business? (OR) Are you looking to rent commercial trucks for your business? Then you have to familiarize yourself with the different types of commercial trucks available on the market for transporting goods. And it’s much more important to know what type of commercial truck works best for your business. By renting and leasing a commercial truck from a reputed fleet company, you can save money in the long run. 

If you’re looking for any commercial truck rental and leasing for your business, explore Fraikindayim commercial vehicle rental company in Saudi Arabia. 

Categories of Commercial Trucks 

The commercial trucking industry is vast, and many different types of trucks are used for different purposes. Depending on the type of business you have, you may need a different type of commercial truck according to the load they can carry. In this blog, let’s take a look at the categories of trucks and different types of commercial trucks that are available and their common uses. 

Commercial trucks can be broadly classified into two categories: Medium-duty trucks and Heavy-duty trucks. Generally, commercial trucks are classified depending on their weight, such as 

  • The gross vehicle weight of Medium-duty trucks – 14,001 LBS to 26,000 LBS 
  • The gross vehicle weight of Heavy-duty trucks – 26,001 to 33,001 LBS 

Medium-duty vehicles 

Medium-duty trucks are ideal for almost all industries due to customizable features such as cab configuration, and chassis-mounted equipment. It has a lower fuel economy than the heavy-duty truck models. It can be used to haul beverages, gravel, and recycling. Some of the commercial trucks listed under medium-duty trucks may include, refrigerated trucks and dry cargo box trucks.  

Heavy-duty vehicles 

Heavy-duty trucks are used on job sites where they are required to carry large or heavy construction materials, and oversized equipment towed on trailers. Heavy-duty trucks have better fuel economy & longevity, which makes them the perfect choice if your business needs long-haul transportation. 

Heavy-duty trucks include big rigs, tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, & 18-wheelers for transporting heavy goods for industries such as construction and garbage. Some of the commercial trucks listed under heavy-duty trucks may include, Dump trucks, garbage trucks, Concrete trucks, Refrigerated trucks, Semi-trailer trucks, and Tank trucks. 

Different Types of Commercial Trucks 

Refrigerated Trucks 

Grocery chains and the pharmaceutical industry frequently employ these refrigerated trucks to transport perishable goods across the nation. Refrigerated trucks or reefer trucks are responsible for transporting temperature-sensitive products. A reefer can be loaded with frozen and perishable goods, or any other item that requires a specific controlled temperature. The refrigerated cargo space ensures that items are protected from the elements and helps prevent spoilage in transit. 

A reefer truck can be a semi-trailer or a box truck and comes in hard-side and curtain-side variants. Fraikindayim has different models of refrigerated vehicles in numerous sizes, allowing for the transport of pharmaceutical goods to a massive amount of food across Saudi Arabia. If you have such goods like medicines or food that need a specific temperature level to transport, reach Fraikindayim. We can provide you the refrigerated vehicles as per your business requirements. 

Pickup trucks 

Featuring an open-roof or closed box cargo truck, pickup trucks work best for those who have to move light or heavy equipment. Usually, rental companies will allow you to choose from a variety of pickup trucks & sizes of pickup trucks, depending on the estimated weight of goods you’re planning to carry in them. 

Fraikindayim has a fully stocked fleet of pickup truck rentals for all of your transportation needs. Whether you are hauling construction equipment or want a powerful vehicle, you won’t find a more reliable & capable vehicle than a Pickup truck. 

Flatbed truck 

A flatbed truck is a type of truck that can be either rigid or articulated. This type of vehicle will be entirely flat, with no sides or a roof. A flatbed truck vehicle allows you to transport heavy loads that are not delicate, like construction equipment, concrete pipes, water tanks, etc. 

Dump truck 

Another less common type of commercial truck is a dump truck. A dump truck is useful for moving items around, such as oil, rocks, and mud. A dump truck can be a great investment if you run a construction company and frequently need loads of big materials delivered to your site. 


One of the most popular kinds of commercial trucks is the tractor-trailer. The large vehicles you see carrying covered trailers are sometimes referred to as "eighteen wheels" or "big rigs." Many different types of items may be transported across vast distances using tractor-trailers. It is ideally used to transport construction material, containers, and gas tankers, etc. 

Heavy Hauler 

A vehicle with an extremely powerful engine is called a heavy hauler. These trucks are made to transport cargo that is too big for other types of trucks to handle. Heavy transporters sometimes need specialized permissions and occasionally escorts to transfer any goods. 


Now you might have familiarized yourself with the most common types of commercial trucks and vehicles that are relevant to your business. From Fraikindayim in Saudi Arabia, you can choose your commercial vehicle based on the needs of the business operation that you’re planning to run. 

Fraikin has commercial-grade fleets available nationwide for businesses. Whether you need a long-term or short-term rental truck, your Fraikin is here for you. Find your perfect truck rental and reap the benefits. No matter the type or size of the vehicle you want, we ensure to have it ready for you when you move. 

Need help finding the right vehicle? Contact us. 



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