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5 Proven Ways to Lower Your Fleet Fuel Expenses

If you are running a fleet company and looking for ways to bring down fuel costs and boost your bottom line, then this blog is for you. Fuel costs make up a large fraction of fleet expenses & are impossible to control or forecast. So, how can you manage your fleet’s fuel costs? Through fleet management solutions like – Telematics & GPS vehicle tracking, you can closely monitor, regulate, & optimize fuel spending. Here are some solutions that help you optimize your fleet’s fuel consumption & keep expenses to a minimum. 

Improving Drivers’ Behavior 

The most significant way of improving your fleet’s fuel expenses lies in the hands of your drivers. If you’re thinking of reducing your fuel consumption in vehicles, then start improving your driver’s behavior.  

Aggressive behavior of your driver driving at excessive speed, harsh braking, & gunning off once being stationary at traffic lights could have a detrimental impact on your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Fleet managers can use both monitoring technology (such as vehicle telematics and GPS Tracking) & driver training to eliminate these inefficiencies. You can easily monitor your driver’s behavior while they are on the road.  

A fleet telematics system helps to evaluate drivers’ driving patterns & identifies excellent & unsolicited drivers. As well as you can spot their biggest areas for improvement through training. While this requires a reasonable outlay, that spending will be vastly outweighed by the resultant efficiency of fuel savings. 

Preventive Vehicle Maintenance 

If your fleet vehicles are not maintained effectively, breakdowns are bound to happen. Then you will end up delivering poor service. So, keeping your fleet in good condition with proper maintenance is crucial. However, you might have a question that how can I determine an appropriate fleet maintenance schedule. Continuous tracking is pretty much daunting & error-prone as you might fail to make changes in the calendar. 

To solve this problem, you can use a fleet telematics solution that helps you establish preventive maintenance schedules & improve the efficiency of the fleet. In addition, GPS tracking devices record vehicle engine health, mileage, fuel consumption, etc., and provide an automatic maintenance reminder. Therefore, to manage fleet vehicle operations without hiccups, fleet management solution like telematics is the best to go for. 

Moreover, you can also set service reminders based on the odometer readings, as it helps to update you about your next vehicle maintenance. Hence, through this preventive maintenance, you can ensure that vehicles remain energy efficient & longevity. 

Checking Tire Pressure 

You must ensure to keep your fleet vehicle’s tire pressure inflated to the proper pressure, and that helps your vehicle mileage by 0.6-3%. It’s better to check the fleet tire pressure daily. Because an under-inflated tire will make it harder for drivers to speed up their driving and they will end up using more fuel. 

Implementing efficient route planning 

The routes that your drivers take to reach to their destinations may have a significant impact on how much gasoline they use. As a fleet manager, you must take the time and effort to carefully plan routes that will use the least amount of gasoline. 

Fleet management system help in planning fuel-efficient routes and notifies the driver about on-road congestions, roadblocks, unexpected traffic, and much more. Thereby, planning effective routes helps to lower your fuel costs and increase productivity as well. 

Getting a Fuel Card 

Fuel cards help your business better to track and optimize vehicle-related expenses. Many fuel card offerings contain discounts on fuel from an approved vendor, which can reduce your fuel costs. Also, fuel cards can also prevent fuel theft, an expensive issue for businesses. 

Furthermore, by using the Fleet manager application, you can take control of maintaining a fuel log that you send daily. Monitoring fuel purchases give you the information that you need to identify how much fuel is being purchased VS actual consumption. 

Wrapping up 

Fuel is one of the colossal expenses for fleet companies, and costs quickly spiral out of control if you haven’t checked. So, providing an effective training to your fleet drivers to handle the vehicle in a more-efficient way and avoid driving at excessive speed, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and so on those impacts on fuel consumption. 

FraikinDayim Helps to Lower Fleet Fuel Costs 

Fraikindayim offers a full complement of fleet management solutions that help you reduce fuel costs. We provide advanced telematics and GPS, which helps to monitor your vehicle’s maintenance needs and track your driver’s behavior. Hence, you can save money on diesel fuel & experience improved fleet performance. 

Reach us today to learn more about telematics solutions & how the fleet management solutions can benefit your business. We can provide you with helpful tips for lowering your fleet fuel costs in your vehicle operations. 



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