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Maintenance of Refrigerated Trucks

Hauling a Refrigerated trailer is a very important job. A Refrigerated truck is not just relying on you to reach the destination safely & on time, and it’s just as important that your reefer truck maintains the right temperature. It makes the transport of temperature-sensitive products from coast to coast.  

And yet, through minor oversight and bad luck, you could find yourself at the end of the long route with a trailer full of nothing but spoiled goods. This means a disruption to a delicate supply chain & a tremendous financial loss. The failure of your truck’s Refrigerated system is thus unacceptable to your company & the client of the businesses you serve.

Fortunately, the good thing about this worst-case scenario is that - It's quite easy to avoid. Taking the necessary steps ensures the peak performance of your Refrigerated truck before you hit the road.  

All you need are some quick check-ups and the same safety precautions that you’d bring to any job. Maintenance of Refrigerated trailers is integral to trucking companies, truck drivers, & to the world that depends on the transport of perishable goods. 

Many perishable goods rely on enduring a specific temperature during transportation to keep them safe. However, it is critical to have dependable Refrigerated trucks that can maintain the temperature. Read on this blog to know more about the importance of Refrigerated truck temperature. 

Managing a Refrigerated truck has always been expensive, time-consuming, and tedious job. Are you looking to enhance the productivity of reefer trailers? You don’t have to worry anymore! Let’s discuss this in detail.

Always Keep the fuel topped up 

Refrigeration units don’t power themselves. Diesel fuel powers the generator of your reefer. Expect high fuel consumption as you drive. Note: Don’t risk fuel running low. Always plan to refuel frequently & try to leave every station with your tank.  

Remember the Fundamentals  

Don’t forget that driving a Refrigerated truck is - just like driving a normal truck. Not at all. It includes the same safety check-ups like making sure that the mirrors of the Refrigerated truck are offering maximum visibility and the lights are operating at peak performance.

Overall Cleaning  

Conclude every trip with proper cleaning of your reefer truck to ensure no remnants stuck around from the last haul. Vegetables and fruits are highly suspectable to host colonies of bacteria that can contaminate and ruin an entire shipment. When you know what your next assignment will be, make sure each trip begins with freight as good as new. 

The best way to clean your reefer truck is by pressure washing the floor, walls, and ceiling in a friendly environment that kills mold and bacteria without being harmful to your health. Following this broad-cleanup, narrow in on any persistent stains that require extra attention. Just as important as washing the truck is drying it thoroughly. Tepid and damp conditions cloud also lead the mold to grow despite your efforts to maintain a safe environment, making all your work for naught. So, ensure that your Refrigerated trailer is clean and dry before shipping or transport.  

In addition, make sure to check the interior of the reefer truck that includes:  

  • Inspect the walls of cuts  
  • Check the air chute for holes  
  • Check the drains for clogs  

Why do you need a reefer truck? 

Refrigerated trucks are essential for the long-distance transportation of perishable products and temperature-sensitive goods. Fleet companies use reefer trucks to maintain the product’s temperature. Driving a Refrigerated truck is a specialized job with big responsibilities. If you are looking to rent a reefer truck, you will need to consider some things, no matter what they are hauling. Before you

consider using a reefer truck or renting a Refrigerated truck, you need to keep the following things in mind.  

What are you hauling?

Determine what temperature range your product needs to be maintained. Then ensure that the Refrigerated truck can accommodate your product range continuously.  

How much are you hauling?

Determine how much space you need because over-packing your truck could lead to adverse environmental conditions. It means that when the air does not circulate properly, the product will spoil.  

How far are you going?

 Refrigerated trailers can be used for both long and short-distance trips. However, consider how far you are going. That determines the overall cost and the Refrigerated trailer age you rent from a fleet company. 

Choose Truck Rental Company in Saudi Arabia  

Hopefully, these tips help to maintain your Refrigerated trucks by ensuring the vehicles remain in excellent condition. If you are looking to rent a Refrigerated truck, contact us. The professionals at Fraikin commercial rental company are here to help you. We have an extensive lineup of reefer trucks and cargos to meet all your needs. 



  • author

    You made an interesting point when you said to calculate how much space you require because overcrowding your truck could hurt the environment. It implies that the product will spoil when the air circulation is poor. My close friend wants to rent a mobile freezer trailer the following Sunday. Her plan to have her homemade frozen treats delivered to her sisters and a few friends, in my opinion, must be the cause of this. I'll ask her to let her know about this.

  • author

    I found it helpful when you mentioned the importance of calculating the necessary space required while transporting goods in a truck, as it can have an impact on the environment. This advice could prove useful for businesses that deliver items like frozen goods, which require refrigeration to stay fresh. Renting a refrigerated trailer could be a viable option for them, allowing them to handle more customer orders and ensuring the safety and quality of their products during transportation.

  • author

    Oh, okay. I suppose you were right after all in reiterating that every refrigerated unit on a truck relies on diesel fuel to keep it running. My ex-neighbor should probably examine this factor when finding a suitable transportation provider soon. He has a lot of fresh veggies to send to his friend in Indiana next week but his van is too small to bring them all together.

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