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How Refrigerated Trucks Benefits from GPS Fleet Tracking?

Transporting perishable goods or products is an enormous challenge for fleet drivers and managers. However, the refrigerator truck should be transported at a distinct temperature & delivered at the right time without any delay is the most challenging job. Even a minute delay could result in loss of consignment. It doubles the costs involved, damaged goods, credibility, or reputation loss.

Nevertheless, the refrigerated truck temperature monitoring system is installed inside the truck. Large fleets are being changed by deploying high-tech devices such as Telematics, GPS tracking system, and electronic onboard recorders. To transport perishable products for long distances by ensuring their quality of logistics & transportation companies use reefer trucks to ensure that trailers don’t spoil the products during their journey.  

GPS tracking system has a lot more than you realize to offer your refrigerated truck. In fact, you may be surprised by knowing how well GPS tracking tools can help to accomplish your goals. In today’s digital world, fleet tracking tools are highly customizable. You can adjust them based on your specific needs for the refrigerated trucks. Here are a few things GPS tracking can do for your reefer trucks.

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Refrigerated Trucks  

Temperature Monitoring ​​

Refrigerated trucks are designed with a preset temperature, but various factors can adversely impact the temperature. When a GPS tracking system is associated with a temperature monitoring system, allow the dispatchers to monitor the state of the refrigerator unit, and the driver can set the unit up suitable for the delivery. 

Temperature data provides comprehensive information about your reefer vehicle temperature. Once it integrates with the GPS tracking system, you can determine the temperature variations. 

Everything is possible with a GPS fleet tracking system - The fleet managers can also track the reefer vehicle movement, door closure, excess vibration, reefer status, and much more. This ensures the refrigerator vehicle transported maintains the proper temperature levels throughout the trip. 

Resolving Problems Before the Disaster  

GPS fleet management system alerts will automatically notify the potential problems in real-time that range from reefer engine to fleet driver’s performance issues. At times, the alert can save the reefer, and it can set for: 

  • Temperature fluctuations when it exceeds the pre-determined range  
  • Temperature status  
  • Power failure  
  • Unscheduled stops 
  • Route diversion 
  • The container door opens at an unauthorized location

Alerts allow your fleet managers to act wisely in a critical situation before it becomes a major problem. Once the alert is received, the fleet managers can be able to handle adverse situations.

Increased Efficiency: 

As a result of temperature sensitivity, many perishables would be spoiled swiftly due to limited shelf-life. For this reason, efficient routing & evasion of traffic delays are essential for a refrigerated truck. 

With the support of a GPS fleet tracking system, you can relish the advanced features that help you to reach the destination on time. The advantages include-

Route optimization: 

GPS tracking technology allows you to plan the route most effectively, which includes real-time data of road conditions and weather patterns. Fleet drivers can determine the location of school zones to avoid areas like traffic congestion and road construction. Thus, you can modify to adjust the routes accordingly.

Improved Driver Performance

Exceptional driving habits result in enhanced productivity, security, and profitability. A GPS fleet tracking system enables you to do your driver’s activities and rewards those drivers for safe driving behaviors. Moreover, tracking your fleet drivers’ performance gives transparency which includes-

  • Excessive vehicle idling  
  • Route deviations  
  • Unauthorized vehicle utilization  
  • Driving practices that increase fuel consumption  
  • Aggressive driving habits  

Fleet Driver’s productivity can be boosted by identifying your refrigerated vehicle’s start and stop times. However, you’ll be able to recognize your drivers' behavior like late-arriving or extended breaks. 

Improved Earning and Reduced Costs 

Reduced cost in fleet management is one of the major indirect benefits of fleet GPS tracking systems. Efficient routing will save labor costs and fuel.

Moreover, optimizing the routes results in fewer miles – which permit to take more assignments and complete them in a day without increasing labor cost or overhead. GPS fleet tracking system allows refrigerated trucks to reduce the costs associated with maintaining temperature control, such as:

  • Monitoring Refrigerator Vehicle Status  
  • Preventative Maintenance


Frequent temperature tracking of your refrigerated truck will help avoid the contamination of perishable goods. GPS tracking solutions linked with temperature sensors in reefer trucks allow you to know the status of goods in refrigerated trucks. ​

Furthermore, if you would like to know more about the fleet management solution or rent a refrigerated vehicle, contact Fraikin.



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