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Choosing a Refrigerated Van for your Businesses

When it comes to renting or hiring a refrigerated van, there are so many different types & models out there with different specifications that suited to different uses. 

So, how do you select a refrigerated van that suits your business? That’s where we are here to help run through the main issues & alternatives you might want to consider before hiring a refrigerated van. 

No matter what industry your business is part of, renting a refrigerated vehicle from a commercial vehicle company allows you to expand your business. 

The considerations that we are about to discuss depend on your industry & the number of different factors such as- 

  • What temperature does a refrigerated van to be? 
  • Do you need a chiller or freezer van for transporting goods? 
  • Should my van be a used/new vehicle? 
  • Is the refrigerated van worth renting? 

Now you know what you need to bear in mind while weighing up your options. Let’s break down the answers to these questions.

What temperature does your reefer van to be?

This is definitely the most important question that you need to ask before renting your refrigerated van. Different reefer vans are capable of maintaining different temperatures, so you ought to select the one that is appropriate for your products and good transportation. 

Some of the most popular industries use refrigerated vans for transporting their products, they are 

  • Flowers – To ensure the freshness of the flowers during transportation, it should be stored precisely 5°C - 7°C. 
  • Beverages – To keep the drinks cool during transportation, the goods should ideally be stored between 0° to 8°C. 
  • Ice cream & Frozen goods – When transporting these items, it should remain frozen and the refrigerated vehicle should be capable of achieving -18°C - 25°C. 
  • Pharmaceuticals – Storing these medical items in cool temperature avoids spoiling & aids in preserving the products hygienically. 
  • Meat and Dairy products – Ideally, a multi-compartment van is recommended and avoid cross-contamination vehicles.

Tips to select a refrigerated van hire for your business

A reefer van or truck can be vital for any business that needs to transport food products kept at a certain temperature. Fortunately, there are several types and styles of reefer vans available.

Do you need a Freezer van or Chiller van?

This depends on the type of goods and products you are transporting in a van. There are certain products that should be kept at lower temperatures & you need to consider this. All refrigerated vans would have dual components that allow them to carry different products at different temperatures. 

Do you need to keep the reefer van overnight?

There are a few vans that permit you to plug into an electric stand to ensure your products are refrigerated overnight. Hiring those types of vans keeps your goods at the right temperature. This is a good & cost-effective solution to store your products at the right temperature. OfCourse, not all refrigerated vans will have this facility.

How long do you need the refrigerated van?

When it comes to refrigerated van hire, you should consider the length of the contract. Many commercial vehicle companies offer a wide range of contract lengths – daily van hire to weekly hire to monthly hire. Also, you can get a seasonal hire or long-term hire contract. 

A good reefer van can change your business, it takes care of all your refrigeration needs & boosts your business operations effectively. 

In a commercial vehicle company, you can find different types of refrigerated vans such as: 

  • Insulation-only van 
  • Chiller conversion van 
  • Semi-freezer conversion van 
  • Full-freezer conversion van 

Insulation-only Van

Insulation-only vans are preferrable for transporting non-perishable goods. Typically, a cargo or van area is lined with thick insulation of styfofroam or polystyrene blend. Sometime due to lack of refrigeration, these types of vans require chilling for transporting food. 

Chiller conversion van

Insulation van with a refrigerated part is known as chiller conversion van. This type of vans efficiently keeps warm air out in a frigid air to support Coller conditions. The frigid conditions enable business to delivery many perishable goods and products that don’t require storage at below-zero temperature. 

Semi-freezer Van

The semi-freezer van has extensive insulation & refrigeration capabilities. It can transport frozen goods that are essential to keep below zero-degree Fahrenheit. They are capable of quickly defrosting products when required.

Full freezer van

Full-freezer vans have more robust, heat-resistant doors & sidewalls in addition to the semi-freezer van features. Heat-resistant doors lower the amount of heat that enters the cabin because of conductivity from the sun rays on metal.

Distance & Drop Frequency

While renting a refrigerated vehicle, consider the mileage, fuel consumption, and longevity of the van. If you are making a lot of stops and your door opens at that time. So, select a van type that is capable of providing cooler temperatures than what you need.

On the other hand, installing a strip curtain in your refrigerated van is also one of the best alternative solutions to protect your goods. The curtains help to control & regulate the temperature of your vehicle by creating a barrier between the areas of humidity and cooling. 

Choose a reefer van that is capable of doing so or installed with strip curtains from your rental commercial vehicle company. 

Is the refrigerated van worth renting? 

Renting would be an ideal solution for your business. You can find a variety of different rental contracts that suit your business. Reputed commercial vehicle companies have five rental types available are- 

  • Daily 
  • Weekly 
  • Monthly 
  • Seasonal 
  • Contract

This allows you to choose the ideal reefer van only when you need it for your business. Moreover, renting a vehicle from a commercial vehicle company, you can benefit from the services & maintenance of the rental vehicle. 

Wrapping up

If you want to rent or hire a refrigerated van, look at the specifications of the vehicle to see whether that suits your business needs. Looking for vans on business contract hire or used vehicle? Contact Fraikin for more information. You can find a more flexible rental option at Fraikin commercial vehicle company to transport your goods safely.  



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