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Solving Challenges in Food & Beverages Transportation

Working with the food and beverage industry is incredibly exciting for fleet companies. It is no secret that food and beverage transportation have many complexities. The supply on food chains involves an endless number of processes & unavailing them is quite challenging. Especially the food&beverage transportation.

If you are working in the food and beverage transportation sector, you could sense the feeling of imminent disruption.

The food and beverage industry is connected with logistics & transportation. In this buzzing world, people always rely on ready-to-cook food, which is easy to deal with their busy work schedules. The pre-processed foods and perishable products are transported across the world due to an escalation in demand.

Wherein food manufacturers take all the measures that are essential to meet food safety standards. Although everyone has experienced the state of previously cooked food, it gets wasted within a day due to the change of weather conditions.

Edible products are the ones that quickly get spoiled due to their timeline. Because these foods and beverages are transported around the world even for long distances. It might be a daunting challenge to maintain the food and beverages at moderate temperature.

At this point, Thanks to the refrigerated trucks and reefer vans that everything made it possible.

Criteria to transport food products

It is most important to keep the perishable goods refrigerated at 40° or below and frozen at 0° or below. Dairy products, Meat, Fish, Poultry, and any prepared foods are examples of items that should be refrigerated for safety.

To exemplify, let’s imagine the following scenario. If you are a fleet manager, you are responsible for the products to maintain that with moderate temperature and other safety measures. Ensure the Fleet vehicles & transportation equipment have to be clean enough. Each product of food has a specific temperature and it has to be maintained at all times. Make sure, the design of the vehicle transportation features doesn’t make the transport of food products become hazardous in any way.

How to mitigate the risk in transporting foods & beverages?

The transportation of food and beverage products to the store shelves opens several intricacies & risks related to temperature control. Regardless if these events are purposeful or accidental, it is imperative that the product not be conceded. Temperature control is a challenging factor for food and beverage products. The cargo must be kept at a proper and consistent temperature throughout the entire conveyance process. If the temperatures are not maintained, then the dairy foods or beverages will rapidly spoil & cost organizations thousands of dollars in the item that can’t be sold to the public.

There are a number of data-driven solutions that offer applications to monitor temperature, door opening sensors, & unauthorized drops to mitigate these risks. Additionally, the driver-oriented workflow solutions are extremely helpful in certain location-based activities that help to complete the task successfully. With ideal and exact information related to trucks or cargos and their temperatures, Fleet vehicle companies can better ensure the safe & efficient transport of their products/goods.

Vehicle Requirements for Transportation

  • Vehicle Type & Structure
  • Maintenance & Sanitation

When you are transporting food or beverages, you have to make sure about the design of the fleet vehicle. Ensure that the vehicle is easy to examine, disinfect, clean, & regulate temperature.

Design & construction of the fleet vehicle should facilitate locking, protect cargo or truck from severe temperature, & prevent insect infestation. Additionally, make sure the surface of the vehicle used for food transportation has been cleaned & sanitized effectively.

Main Challenges & Solutions in Food & Beverage Transportation

Let’s get into what problems exactly faced by the food and beverage transportation industry with solutions.

Inability to keep track

Tracking is one of the paramount factors where everyone faces a lot of troubles. Transporting time-sensitive goods can be a challenging endeavor for fleet management. Due to the lack of proper visibility, it causes a delay in transportation. Furthermore, the fleet truck drivers must have delivered within a particular time period & maintaining a level of quality along the journey is quite difficult.


GPS based Fleet vehicle tracking system eliminates the inability to track the vehicle’s current location & moving route. It offers real-time visibility and gives a constant update remotely without making messages or calls to the Fleet truck drivers during the journey.

Maintaining constant temperature

Temperature is a decisive factor for the safe transport of these commodities. However, managing this in a good way might be troublesome.


Having a logistics or GPS tracking device proves to be handy & useful to monitor the temperature and maintain the temperature settings, minimizes the probability of temperature deviations.

Increased supply chain cost

The price of running a food supply chain incorporates a variety of elements, including:

  • The cost of energy & fuels
  • Transportation & distribution
  • Manpower
  • The purchase of cutting-edge innovation


The hike in fuel cost has impacted the transportation area with increased fuel expenses. So, to screen the fuel usage implementing the fuel monitoring solution in the fleet vehicles diminishes the superfluous fuel expenses & fuel usage. You can monitor the fuel usage according to the distance covered & how long the fleet truck vehicle was idling.

To improve the fleet expenses, embracing Fleet management software to digitalized Proof-of-delivery (POD) will be helpful to avoid chaos in your fleet operations. Also, transforming your business through state-of-the-art innovation is obligatory as it helps to reduce human-made mistakes. Consequently, choosing the best fleet management software according to your business requirements will be an insightful thought.

Keep Your Delivery Fleet On-Time

Fraikin is a total asset & fleet management solution that unifies telematics data and processes to provide real-time insights. We stay ahead of day-to-day challenges & meet long-term business goals. Fraikin fleet management service ensures correct temperature maintenance for food and beverage deliveries with a qualified fleet-driver.

Fraikin is here to support you!

If you would like to know more about safe food and beverage transportation, just contact us at Fraikin. We would love to give solutions for your questions that you may have on this topic.


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