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Improve Driver Performance & Productivity with Telematics

If you are in a transportation business or running a trucking company, telematics has a significant impact. With the advent of telematics technology, you can embrace new trends to keep track of your fleet. Telematics technology can transfer data in real time for several purposes, including fleet management. In this era, most fleet companies are more efficient by relying on telematics data such as fleet maintenance scheduling, vehicle activity, fuel consumption, & fleet driver behavior to monitor drivers’ performance on a cloud-based solution.

With Fraikindayim's telematics platform, you can have a comprehensive eagle-eye view of your entire fleet's health, safety, compliance, profitability, and productivity with just one click. This platform gathers data and offers in-depth insights into your business to improve efficiency and productivity. Additionally, the telematics solution can also enhance safety and compliance, leading to better customer service.  

Telematics Tracks your Fleet Driver & Productivity:

With a telematics solution, you can keep track of specific vehicle of your fleet, enabling you to streamline routes and minimize turnaround times efficiently. Thus, this helps lower your fleet fuel costs.

Telematics provides safety, accountability, and efficiency among drivers:

If you are a fleet manager in a trucking company, you can utilize telematics solutions to decrease risky driving behaviors, including speeding, harsh braking, and hard acceleration. As well as, their greater visibility to fleet drivers will encourage them to reward good driving habits.

Data and reports gathered from the telematics system enable you to organize the data collected by the fleet manager in order to provide training for those who require it while also incentivizing and rewarding drivers who excel in their jobs.

Fraikindayim's telematics solution helps you keep track of your fleet driver’s hours and mitigates the risk of accidental non-compliance due to fatigue.

Telematics helps reduce maintenance costs:

Maintenance costs can pile up if there is any problem with your vehicle on the road or if the vehicle is not being serviced at proper intervals. However, by using a proactive maintenance strategy, these costs can be avoided and decreased.

Trucking companies can aid telematics technology in improving the proactive maintenance of fleets and reducing overall maintenance expenses by keeping track of vehicle usage and identifying service schedules. With real-time data accessible through telematics, tracking vehicle miles can assist in planning preventative maintenance and avoiding issues that may cause additional costs.

As a result, you can save on overall operating costs and avoid unexpected breakdowns that impact operations.

Telematics helps identify areas for improvement:

Evaluating your drivers with a fleet driver scoreboard helps identify drivers with problem areas. You can obtain monthly reports and encourage drivers to self-assess their driving behavior to establish objectives for development and enhance their driving practices. Based on the data analytics of driver behavior, you can provide training based on the report.

Telematics helps generate performance reports:

The success of analytics with advanced telematics can be seen in the generation of fleet telematics reports. They can be based on the KPIs (Key performance indicators) for daily operations-metrics include abrupt braking, abrupt acceleration, rapid turns, wasteful idling, and excessive speed. 

Think ahead – Use Telematics Technology & Improve your Driver Performance & Productivity

It's no secret that we’re in a time of vast disruption fueled by digital technology. Telematics technologies are revolutionizing the way fleet businesses are operated and managed, impacting almost every aspect of the industry. Telematics is a powerful tool that can significantly improve driver performance and productivity in the transportation industry. By providing real-time data on driver behavior, vehicle performance, and route optimization, telematics can help businesses optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve safety. Overall, telematics is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes improve driver performance and productivity, ultimately leading to increased profitability and success.



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