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How to Analyze Fleet Performance using Reports?

Fleet managers are under constant pressure to improve their fleet performance and optimize fleet operations. In order to improve their fleet performance effectively, they need to have visibility into how the fleet is performing. The fleet managers are responsible for ensuring that the vehicles are well-maintained and the drivers are safe. Fleet performance can be done by analyzing reports detailing things such as vehicle usage, maintenance costs, and fuel consumption.  

However, analyzing these reports can be a time-consuming and daunting task. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks that can make the process easier and more efficient.   

In this article, let’s discuss how to analyze fleet performance using reports and how to improve fleet operations.

Fuel Management

Fuel is the largest ongoing fleet expense in the transportation industry and is crucial to track fuel usage and expenditure. That is why having a system to monitor & calculate fuel costs and consumption in real-time could benefit your fuel management process. 

A fuel management system can help you know the ins & outs of fuel economy, determining cost-per-mile to forecast future fuel expenses. Checking costs in real-time helps optimize financial allocation. Moreover, with fleet management software, the driver can log fuel entries into a mobile application to eliminate hours of data entry. Further, to streamline the fuel management process, you can consider integrating fuel cards with fleet management software to download fuel transactions & avoid invalid charges.


Telematics data provides valuable fleet visibility and great insight into asset health. When you integrate a telematics tool into fleet management software, it increases the value of your data. Telematics data allows you to look under the hoods of assets in greater detail. When you track diagnostics trouble codes or engine fault alerts frequently, you can quickly manage maintenance and avoid potential hassles.

Preventive Maintenance Practices

Preventive maintenance is the best way to increase the lifespan of your fleet assets & save on costly repairs. Implementing a Preventive maintenance schedule allows you to track & analyze all your routine maintenance. Fleet management software gives granular views of service tasks. You can also view the status of the preventive maintenance tasks on every asset & ensure vehicle maintenance is completed on time.


The odometer holds the key to a wealth of fleet intelligence. Tracking odometer readings ensure you remain prepared and proactive for everything from scheduling preventative maintenance to vehicle replacement.

Receiving routine odometer updates enables you to maintain your vehicles in top condition, as most Preventive Maintenance tasks are dependent on mileage and hour intervals. In addition, odometer data enables you to control your fleet drivers and save money on fuel. 

Consider installing a telematics device to update data in your fleet management software automatically to ensure accurate reporting. Telematics data gives you total visibility into your fleet and removes the possibility of manual inaccuracies in odometer reporting.

Driver Assessment

Although fleet managers place a lot of emphasis on their assets, it is also essential to track & monitor drivers. A driver management system gives you peace of mind that your assets are in good hands while ensuring the efficiency and safety of your drivers. 

Fleet management software offers a number of integrations and tracking options for monitoring fleet drivers' actions. You may quickly monitor the duration and distance of your drivers’ assignments to keep them accountable. You can also measure the productivity of fleet drivers by integrating fuel cards and telematics into fleet management software.

Fraikindayim Fleet Performance Reports: Get Comprehensive Fleet Metrics and Analysis 

We can assist you if you need highly customizable analytics to solve a business problem. Our team possesses a strong background in handling fleet management data and is proficient in using the latest fleet management data analytical techniques & utilizes advanced technologies such as predictive analysis & trend spotting to provide highly customizable, in-depth insights to move your fleet forward. 

From fuel to telematics, you can get a complete picture of your fleet & manage hundreds of data points in just one location.

Fraikindayim’s interactive dashboards present data visually with shareable reports that facilitate faster analysis.

No matter how you prefer to get data, from detailed reports to dynamic charts, Fraikindayim has options to customize your experience.



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